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Options When Insurance Totals Your Car

October 19, 2021


Car owners take insurance to cut the costs of repair and damage in case of an accident, and rightfully so. However, some cases could be so extreme that the insurance company makes it a total loss. This is an instance where a car has been damaged so severely that the repair cost is higher than the car’s value. The company gives you back what they think is the actual car value before the collision. If you believe that their pricing is not correct, there are two realistic options then. Either file a lawsuit which might take weeks or months depending on the rules in your state, or accept the loss and consider other options.


How to deal with insurance totaling your car

Most people are not sure of what to do when insurance totals your car? Something must be done when insurance cannot help you fix your car because life has to go on with or without the vehicle. There are several actions you could take, and here are some of the most reasonable ones given the underlying circumstances:


a. Redeem the car

It may seem like an unreasonable suggestion, given the cost of repair will be so much. However, there may be several reasons why you may want to salvage your car. If the car had sentimental value to you more than the monetary value, you could repair it. It will not be a lot more anyway because the company pays you the actual car value. For this to work, however, the state has to allow you to keep the car. Some states do not allow wrecked vehicles to go back with their owners.

b. Donate to charity

We all love a good charity story, and what would it cost to give the car away anyway? Apart from the amount it cost regardless. The charity could sell the car’s parts for a giveaway price to help them fund their projects.

c. Sell the car for parts

Taking your car to a local Massachusetts salvage yard can help you regain as much as you can from the car. It will sell for way less, but at least it is something. You could also sell used car parts out one by one. Even after most fatal accidents, most car engines are intact, and they cost at least something. Other small parts can be sold as well, including car seats, and steering wheels. They are selling the car as scrap metal is always an option, although it will not value much.


What is covered by insurance in Massachusetts?

The state covers various this like bodily injury and property damage liability insurance, personal injury protection insurance, and uninsured motorist coverage. The minimum state requirement, however, is auto insurance coverage. This ensures that each driver has the means to pay for at least some of the expenses.

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Sell Your Salvage Car for Parts

When insurance totals your car, you can sell your parts to Nationwide Auto Recycling Inc. We are a Massachusetts-based salvage yard located in Lancaster. Call us today at (978) 534-0477.

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