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Used Tire Buying Guide

October 11, 2021


In a world that is increasingly becoming costly to live in, you may need to use your hard-earned cash prudently. Any dime you safe in one deal could settle some other bill. And yes, you may save money when buying tires for your car! By now, you may be asking, “should I buy used tires for my car? How long do used tires last?”And we are asking, “why not?” Used car tires are not as bad as folks out there imagine. Used tires can last between 2-5 years when you buy from a trusted and reputable seller.

In this article, we take you through a step-by-step guide on how you can buy used tires for your car and answer your related concerns. Read on.


New vs. Used Tires

You should buy used tires for your car and save for other maintenance costs. The difference between new vs used tires is that new ones are in their best condition, while some used tires may have a few defects.

However, used tires are safe to buy depending on their condition. It would help if you were sure that the tires are road-worthy and can serve your daily needs.

The cost of used tires can be anything between 30-50% less than the price of a new tire of the same model, depending on its condition. How much you save on used tires depends on the type of vehicle and tires in question.


What to consider when buying used tires

Buying used tires can be a great investment as long as you’re buying the right tires. Here is your used tire buying guide:

  1. Match the tires with your car’s tire manual as recommended by the manufacturers.
  2. Make sure the tires have an even wear pattern.
  3. Buy a complete set of tires for consistency when possible
  4. Use a tread depth gauge or a penny to determine the ratio of tread left for use. Insist on a 5/32” impression and above. Place the penny upside down between the grooves. If Washington’s head appears fully, don’t buy the tire.
  5. Once you buy used tires, go for monthly inspections to ascertain their status.
  6. Check out the year of manufacture. As a rule of thumb, you should not buy tires older than five years.
  7. Consider buying a used tire for your spare wheel.


What to Avoid in Used Tires

While looking to buy used tires, there are some things to avoid. During your inspection of used tires, you should not buy tires that have the following issues:

  1. Visible signs of damage
  2. The belt appears through the rubber
  3. Deep cuts
  4. Bulges
  5. Cracks and soft walls
  6. Deformation
  7. Irregular wear

You may also need to know that the registration of tires doesn’t change. If you buy used tires, the manufacturer may not notify you if recalls are given on particular consignments for whichever reasons. For the same reason, you don’t get any warranty for your tire.


Buying Used Tires from Nationwide Auto Recycling

We take great pride in providing excellent quality used tires to customers. Our Massachusetts salvage yard sells used tires locally and ships many other parts to customers nationwide. Contact us online or call (978) 534-0477.

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